25 thoughts on “$318 Million Lottery Winner Shaw McBride Gives Away His Money Through the Grace of God

  1. Look this guy up and all you will find are myspace and facebook links. If you search for this guy on google news nothing comes up.

  2. @loveallhappiness The reason FILTHYRABBI called this guy a anti-semite because this man didn’t give the money to israel…you see filthy is one of those rare jews that tells the truth about how they feel about non-jews
    if you like i can send you videos about the ”Talmud” <–the jews most holy books that are filled with all kinds of hate towards non-jews

  3. @loveallhappiness Your Jew-hatred knows no bounds does it?
    Support Israel or support terrorists,which side are you on?

  4. @FILTHYRABBI Why am I anti-Semite? If Israel is wrong will they wrong . Israel is a big bully..
    they start wars with everybody and anybody that is not a Jew they kill many american solider by tricking them into war.

    your name is filthyrabbi but you call me an anti-Semite.

  5. @FILTHYRABBI will that is Isreal fault they start wars so therefore they get what they deserved.
    by the way—how in the hell that this man is anti-Semite? u are full of crap.

  6. Stupid anti-Semite! He should have given the money to needy people in Israel who have lost limbs from hamas rockets. Instead he gives it to a stupid church,how dumb and worthless is that?

  7. “most were asking for money…” Yeah too bad the moron gave it to the church, and now that child rapist is sitting a pile of cash.

  8. It is nice that he appreciates what people have done for him. I really hope though that someone encouraged him to keep at least a few million for himself so he can live a comfortable life. Is that not why you by lottery tickets in the first place? To have financial freedom? That kind of winnings you are set for life and can make all kinds of donations to if you so desire! That is why I buy lottery tickets. Good on him for his kind heart but think about yourself as well.

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