Moleni Brother’s – Anothers Burden

“As we focus our energies on lifting the burdens of others, something miraculous happens. Our own burdens diminish. We become happier. There is more substance to our lives.” David S. Baxter – Oct. Gen. Conf 2006 Song by: Moleni Brothers Album: The Gathering Lyrics: correct me if I made any mistakes Lord I will follow thee Give all my life to thee I would do for you All that you ask and more Give me strength And help me to be strength To those in need to bear Anothers burden like you did for me Chorus Yes I am willing to mourn with those that Mourn comfort those who stand in need of comfort Bear anothers burden that they may be light Oh lord help me keep you in my life 2nd verse The road will get better along the way But help me to trust in thee and never go astray That I may always be a strength to those in need Only the beginning is near, let them know that you are Always there to guide them back to thee Where forever one day we will be Chorus

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23 thoughts on “Moleni Brother’s – Anothers Burden

  1. @str8USO just type in the song and the lyrics then you will get the lyrics duuuurrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Church of Jesus Christ is so Organized, deep and beautiful that if you really understood the teachings of the church, all you could do is cry because it will complete life and answer questions you never thought to ask. Faith with out works is dead, search, ponder and pray with a sincere heart and lord with guide to that which is true. Im glad that YOU believe in god, but even satan believes in god, surely there must be more to just believing in god and his commandments.

  3. Joseph smith restored the keys of the priesthood along with the true gospel of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Which helped us in receiving the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenant and Pearl of great Price. Priesthood keys to baptize, authorize temple covenants such as being ordained an Elder, temple marriage, Sealing families for time all eternity and baptism for the dead, along with temple work, family blessings and the laying on of hands.

  4. There is much you do not understand friend.Of course the lord Jesus would be please with the life we live if we live it the righteously and the lord does teach us to obey the commandments and do what is right,But there is much more to it then just living the word.You must pray that what you are learning is true and Because some one tells you that its true doesn’t mean its true.I can only tell you and testify to you that it is true. but its your responsibility to ask the lord if the are.

  5. But get this that’s why Joesph smith restored the gospel to help us know about the ten commandments and the Mormon church does relate to Jesus Christ teachings in many ways and how we could be very righteous through our everyday lives I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and I think you would find the answer if you take time to ponder.

  6. I absolutely LOVE them! I have both of their CD’s. Makes me love Tongans even more. lol. They really are wonderful. :)

  7. i Lo0ve this songg :) reaLLY sets the spirit. i was wondering if you can post the music ? Like the notes & stuff ! wouLd Love to pLay for the wardd !

  8. we don’t worship Joseph Smith.God and Jesus Christ who we worship its all the name of the church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joseph smith was called of God to restore the original church in Jesus times with the full authority of the Priesthood. Its all in the Bible all the apostles died therefore the priesthood was taken away from the earth, So from that time there was a falling away, then God was then ready to call another prophet to restore the original church.

  9. There teachings should be INSPIRED from the bible alone. I hope i havent offended you in anyway..
    kind regards

  10. hey there! I am a Seventh Day Adventist . Although we dnt have the same beliefs and understandings as we both are from different religions.,i however wuld just like to add that we live for the lord..not for Joseph Smith, Ellen G White or anyother Pioneer..they are (like E.G said) the Lesser Light 2 the GREATER Light which is Jesus Christ.that is how you will identify a true ‘Prophet’ of God. They do nt uphold their teachings before the bible..

  11. i have been so inactive in the church…however listnin to u sing tonite has given me a good feelin to return to church and strengthen my faith….be nice if u guys can sing lovest thou me…thank u for the sweet music…

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