You Are Real – Jacalyn Carr Jacalyn Carr singing from her heart during the annual PraiseFest in Clarksville, Tennessee. A new DVD featuring all the singing worship and praise of this event is available. Contact the Abundant Life Outreach Center in Clarksville, Tennessee.

25 thoughts on “You Are Real – Jacalyn Carr

  1. There’s Nothing you can do to make God love you any more and there is Nothing you have done to make Him love you anyless. Jesus Lived the perfect life and Died a death that you nor I could have lived or died. You are in Him, He is in you and, again, there is Nothing you could do to make God love you any more than he does right now, Because He Loves Christ, who is in us, Perfectly …

  2. Lord have mercy, she is truly blessed. I’m suppose to be cleaning and I declare I had to stop and give God the praise!! Keep working for the Lord!!

  3. I Love to see young people praising God, she is very anointed Thank God continue to give him the Praise

  4. God Bless you … Your truly an annointed child of God and he has works for you to do.. Keep a hold of his hand and he will guide you… What an inspiration…

  5. Girl, you can blow. I love all of your videos. God bless you. God You are so real.
    Thank the Lord for this song

  6. I love Jekalyn Carr and her parents I rember when we were at Maddux together and me and a couple of friends asked her to sing a song and she said ” are you sure” I said yea.not knowing wat I had coming for only 14 and yes I can sing but she’s just full of the holy ghost.god bless Jekalyn Carr.and her family.

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